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Mr Ernie Chu
Founder & CEO
R3 Lifescience International Pte Ltd

Mr Ernie Chu is a visionary who roped in talents across all fields to fill key positions in the company. Mr Ernie Chu has extensive experience in the Bioscience Industry where he helped establish worldwide franchise and network distribution of Dermastrata, BRP, Dr Philip Kohler, and Biocare etc. and penetrated the global market of Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Dubai, Australia and China. In 2012, he founded R3 International. Mr Chu personally led the marketing campaign in China (R3 International’s first market) and spared no efforts to open up this lucrative but arduous market.

After years of hard work and determination, he has established R3 International to a more than 200,000 strong distributors base stemming from the success in China due to the sheer hard work and masterminded by Mr Ernie Chu himself. R3 International continues to grow at an accelerating rate envied by many other competitors. Under the leadership of Mr Ernie Chu, R3 has set its sight on becoming the most successful beauty and healthcare business in the Asia Pacific region. Besides growing the business, Mr Ernie has created ample opportunities for countless of individuals around the globe with the R3 International’s platform which has elevated the lives of many people around him. His future growth plans for the company include R3R branding hotel chain in the next couple of years.

  • 1993 Appointed Executive Director, “Dermastrata Group”
  • 1996 CEO, “Naturebase Pte Ltd” 2000
  • 2001 CEO, “Accretion Pharmaceuticals Pte Ltd”
  • 2003 Appointed Chairman of “Coslab International Holdings Pte Ltd”
  • 2012 CEO and Founder, “R3 Lifescience International Pte Ltd”